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The articles that we display on this website are the result of writing from which has collected information related to each of these articles from various sources such as print media and also information that is already available on the internet. It is the various information that has been collected which is then selected by our writing team and the important part of it and then repackaged it into an interesting and easy to understand reading which is now in the hands of all readers.

Every day always tries to present interesting, useful and easily understood reading for fellow readers. However, sometimes, in the process, writing errors or explanations are very likely to occur, causing the articles that we present to be difficult to understand. If you find an error in the explanation we provide, we are very grateful if you want to help us to fix it by informing our team where the error is via the comments column or via email.

We also need to inform all readers that our website will display advertisements. If you see advertisements that appear on our website pages, the products offered through these advertisements do not belong to us. We hope you can be more careful and pay close attention if you feel interested in buying one of the products in the ad. The buying and selling process that occurs between you and the advertiser will be beyond our responsibility.

That's our disclaimer page, hopefully we can provide clear information with this. Thank you.




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